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Below is an in depth look at all the services we offer.

Mini Valet

Full Valet




We are a thriving Cosmetic Car Care Centre based in Stirling, Central Scotland who specialize in paintwork correction, protection & vinyl wrapping. We also offer window tinting, wheel refurbishment, caliper/hub restoration & much more. At TLC Detailing we see ourselves as a complete one stop shop providing a service for pretty much all your cars cosmetic needs.

Car Wash

Before anything else we are your local car wash. We know that some times all you need is a quick wash and go.

  • Rinse
  • Hot Shampoo
  • Leather Dry
  • Hot Wax
  • Hoover Carpets
  • Polish Windows
  • Wax Bodywork
  • Door Sill & Edges

Starting From £5

Mini Valet

Starting From £10

Firstly the Car is Rinsed to remove any loose dirt to prevent scratches, this is done by applying a specially formulated shampoo to break down and soften the dirt and then Jet Blasted off.


Next we re apply the shampoo and then use a sheep wool mitt to rubbed down every inch of the car and then we will apply a high definition water based Wax which will help keep the car cleaner longer, repel water and give the car a glossy finish.


Next we will apply a non acid wheel cleaner which is much kinder to the car than acid ( acid may be used if required ) this will break down the break dust and dirt that builds up around your wheels.


Finally on the outside of the car a final rinse and dried with either a shammy, a drying towel or micro fibre.


Interior will then be hoovered ( seats carpets and boot ), all plastics will be wiped down, Then the windows are cleaned inside and all the door edges and sills wiped down.


To finish everything, tyre shine will be applied and an air freshener hung on your rear view mirror.

Consists of all of the mini valet and then:


All interior shampooed, if they are leather seats the seats will be steam cleaned and reconditioned using a liquid leather conditioner which restores, softens and protects. Carpets are deep cleaned with a upholstery cleaner, scrubbed, rinsed and dried using a wet vac to remove any excess water.


While the interior is drying the exterior is then Hand polished to remove light scratches and restore the natural shine of the paintwork.

Starting From £40

Full Valet

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MUTANT WHEEL CLEANER reacts with the iron contamination found on car Wheels.  This chemical reaction turns iron contamination a purple/red colour  after 1-2 minutes and is washed away easy with a hose pipe or jet wash leaving the wheel clean and fresh. If it requires a second coat it is suggested to agitate the area with a brush or micro fibre.


This is a Non acid formula which is better for you and your car however does have a distinctive smell (there isn't anything wrong with it, it is suppose to smell that way)

Best to be used outside

Winter Wax

Protect your car from the winter weather and also grit salt, any imperfections or chips are always vulnerable to rust but more so when the salt of the road gets on it. It only takes a few days for the salt to cause irreversible damage to your paintwork which could cost hundreds of pounds to have re sprayed.


Just one coat of our High Quality, High Definition Wax will see you through the winter and protect your car.

Starting From £30

Machine Polish - Bring your car back to life

  • Do you feel your car doesn’t look as nice as the day you bought it?
  • Are there swirls and fine scratched in the paintwork that weren’t there before?
Waxed and polished Bue Mazda
Swissvax Crystal Rock

A full car machine polish will bring life back in to your paintwork, dull lifeless paint will be restored to a deep colour shine.


There are several stages to the Machine Polish


1.      Wash & Dry

2.      Clay Bar the whole car, this removes all contaminants from the paint that are imbedded in the microscopic cracks on the surface.

3.      Depended on the condition, the car may need compounding to flatten the surface

4.      Once Compounded a Swirl Remover is applied to remove swirls and fine scratches

5.      Next we will machine polish with a Super High Resin Polish to bring back the life in the colour of the paint

6.      Finally a coat of High Definition Wax is applied to protect and seal the work that has been done.

Swissvax Wood Polish

Starting From £80

Full car 4 hours


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