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Car Wash and Valeting in Radcliffe

Extreme Car Care, a well established local business providing a professional car wash and valeting service in Radcliffe, near Bury. At our modern unit we offer a variety of car care services and packages to keep your car looking brand new. We offer everything from a quick wash right up to a four hour machine polish.

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Car Wash

Mini Valet

Full Valet

A quick wash to rid the daily dirt  from your car and give it a nice shine. Doing a weekly shop at Asda across the road? Why not leave your car with us and have it washed?

Want your car to look as good as the day you bought it? Our full valet is a great way to bring new life to your car, using only the best products and professional techniques.


Prefect for a speedy but quality clean that covers both the interior and exterior of your car. Unlike a standard car wash we use quality products and all our staff are trained.

Maintenance Wash: £10

Protection Detail from £70

For customers who have already received any of the below detail services. Recommended every two to four weeks to maintain protection and gloss finish.

Includes full vehicle decontamination using clay bar, tar remover and finished with a coat of premium long lasting wax.

Enhancement Detail £120

Exterior Detail £40

Includes full vehicle decontamination using a clay bar+tar removal, full body machine polish to remove 95% of swirl marks and scratches finally a high quality coat of wax. Upgrade to Swissvax Shield for an extra £35

Degreased, snow foamed, wheels cleaned, two bucket method wash, dried microfibre drying towel, wheels and tyres dressed, windows treated inside and out and Carnauba Wax applied.

Upgrade to Swissvax Shield for an extra £35

Full Correction Detail. £195

Includes full vehicle decontamination using a clay bar+tar removal, then a two stage full body machine polish consisting of a rough cut and a refining stage to leave a glass-like finish and finally 2 coats of Swissvax Shield which is a modern and innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork Carnauba rich and enriched with non-stick PTFE in order to create an ingenious protection shield for your paintwork!

Extreme Car Care

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